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My PC is running slow?

There are many reasons for Pc’s to be running slow. Quite often it can be that the hard drive is getting too full and to remove some unused programs may speed it up a little. Another is that too many programs are being initialized on start and running in the background using valuable memory and processor resources and in older pc's lack of resources i.e. memory (RAM).

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Why does my PC keep crashing?

PC’s often crash because of program conflicts. Unfortunately this is a pitfall of Microsoft Windows and its associated programs. But sometimes it can be an overheating problem with memory, a graphics card, or possibly your processor. It pays to have it checked out ASAP as a fan failing on your processor can have drastic consequences.

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How do I find out how much memory etc I have?

Right click on the ‘My Computer‘ icon then click on the properties tab. Notice under the statement of computer it will state the amount of memory installed in your PC and also what CPU, operating system and service pack is installed.

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I have an anti-virus program so how have I contracted a virus?

Having anti-virus programs is a very good step to stopping a virus, but unfortunately it will not stop them all. There are numerous new virus’s created every day, until they have infected a PC, then acknowledged by an anti-virus programmer, then a fix has been created and installed via updates to your PC, then and only then will your anti-virus program stop them!

So a good lesson to learn is to update your anti virus program regularly.