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Viruses and Anti virus on Windows based devices:

A Computer Viruses is a lot like a virus to a human, the computer could have a small annoying virus like a cold to a human where the computer takes a long time to start up, could run slow and does not perform well, programs crash and screen freezes or a computer could have a virus what could take over and you could lose everything and anything that is on that machine and in some cases the virus could even send information that you have stored on that machine to a 3rd party!

A B Home Computing can give you advice and can help you remove virus that have affected Windows based operating systems.

Microsoft phone scam:

The 'Microsoft phone scam' first became popular in mid 2009, and peaked in September 2011 but is still around, it works by a scammer calls you saying that they are a Microsoft expert and that your device has been infected with malware, and that they can help you solve the problem, in some cases they will ask you to go to your device and then direct you to a remote site and take control of your device to show you that your device is infected but in fact they are at that point infecting your device.

No legitimate IT security pro is ever going to call you in this way. For one thing, they can't tell that your device is infected. They've got your name from the phone book, or any one of the thousands of marketing lists on which your details probably reside.

What to do?

1. Put the phone down. Get rid of the caller and move on with your life. It is not a legitimate call.
2. During your conversation, don't provide any personal information. This is a good rule for any unsolicited call. And certainly never hand over your credit card or bank details.
3. If you've got this far, we can only reiterate point number 1: get off the phone. But whatever you do don't allow a stranger to guide you to a certain web page, or instruct you to change a setting on your device or download software.
4. If possible get the caller's details. You should certainly report any instance of this scam to the police.
5. Finally, change any passwords and usernames that could plausibly have been compromised, and run a scan with up-to-date security software. Then ensure that your antivirus software are up to date and protecting your device.

Anti Virus programs:

There are many good anti virus programs out there and I my self recommend Norton, I use Norton on all my own computers and on all my school networks, I all so recommend Malwarebytes who do a free version but you have to run the free version of malwrebytes manually as it will not run automatically.

Below are some links to some of the anti virus programs:




Microsoft security essentials


Trend Micro

If you need help with virus removal or any info please contact me.

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